Project Success Analytics

Processes don’t always predict success, but people do

What is Insights360?

Insights360 is an independent project feedback and analytics platform that brings together experts in project delivery and data science to give organisations the clarity they need, when they need it. Measuring the status of a project and course correcting for success is simple with Insights360.

The Past

Despite the growth of project management disciples globally the rate of challenged projects is not improving. Leaders are surprised when projects are suddenly challenged; and Investment in methods, training and reviews have not stemmed the losses.

The Future

  • Data driven predictive analytics;
  • Projects are “people” systems – measuring group behaviour is the true predictor of success; and
  • Monitoring is simple, low cost, low intrusion and bias free.

What do we Measure?

Our experience and research shows that behaviours are a lead indicator of project success. The Insights360 system uses a survey instrument with psychometric properties to measure the behaviour of teams involved in large programs, including project team members, executives, stakeholders and suppliers. The data collected in the survey is used to help focus decision making, conversations and ultimately actions to build more aligned, effective projects.

Probability of Success Based on Behaviour

Your report delivers an overall probability that your project will meet your original business objectives  and actionable insights to maintain or improve your Probability of Success P(S). Your insights are derived from a Bayesian model providing you the benefit of predictive analysis, and recommended improvements from a broad range of projects across many industries.

Results to Action

The Insights360 system provides your program leadership with specific actions to ensure:

  1. Your business solution is clear, agreed and will deliver the required outcomes; and
  2. You have the ability to execute to the agreed investment case.

Clients that gain insights from us

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Insights360™ is especially suitable if you want:

  • independent data to start an honest conversation about project performance and focus decision making for a more aligned and effective project;
  • a better understanding of the “people” element of your project;
  • guidance to make the most out of your existing project management methodologies and systems;
  • a common baseline for measuring progress over time, and comparing different projects in your portfolio; and
  • confidence that you are tracking the lead indicators of success from the start of a project.

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